Hay you! YES you. Are you a project manager?

Every one of us has been and are doing projects

You by mistake you dropped your pen down on the floor and you are thinking about picking it up

  1. Thinking process is done, YES now you are going to pick it up: INITIATION of the project.
  2. Do you need to bend forward or on the side, you have decided to bend forward, and decided to extend your arm and pick using your hand instead for picking it with the finger of your foot? It should not take more than one tries and maximum three second: PLANNING o the project
  3. Now you are bending down, extended your arm and going to pick it up: EXCECUTION of the project
  4. But your finger hit the floor not the pen (MONITRING), so you adjusted (CONTROL) your hand little bit to the right where the pen is lying: MONITRING AND CONTROL. Beware Execution (picking up the pen) is still going on. You have put the pen on the table; execution completed
  5. Once pen is on the table and you said it is done: CLOSING. And you continue where you left before dropping o the pen.

Well you just became a project manager of project #245; title “Pick the Pen project”. Project may be as small as mentioned here or it may be humongous/colossal

So, each project has these five “domains”

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Monitoring and Control
  5. Closing

You may not need training/experience or certification for the project #245 above. But you certainly need training/experience if the project involves a large group of people/resources and thousands/millions of dollars are at stake.

Project have three primary constrains;  a) Scope, b)Time and c)Money

  • If you are assigned a project to build a school in two years and unlimited money


  • If you are assigned a project to build a school in any duration and $10 Million.


  • If you are assigned a project to build something in two years and unlimited 10 Million.

All three of the above seniors are NOT projects, as at least one f the constraint missing.

Well; and if you think that you are well trained; than let someone else test you and certify that yes you can systematically manage large project and once you are certified we are going to call you PMP – Project Management Professional.