Large pool of resources to chose from. Outsource company has a large pool of resources so they can pinpoint this source which is needed. Their resources are organized based on the comment of different vendors delete command delete OK their resources are they got large pool of resources which are organized and they have got variety of resources so once you want to outsource so they can give you a different variety of experience depending upon what type of projects you’re looking for next line

Quick turnaround time. Most of the time resources are at a different time zone so they may be working while you are sleeping generally the turnaround time is less than twelve hours

Worry free hiring The hiring process is very smooth because onus of responsibility lies with the outsource company and you don’t have to worry about the allied expenditures such as Social Security and medical because your resource may not be in US

Focus on critical activities You can use the offshore resources to offload noncritical jobs and as such you will have ample time to focus on critical job in your organization

Flexibility Scaling up or scaling down of the number of resources is a quick activity

Finanacialy attractive You have the advantage of having the flexible pricing system because you can hire the persons or the resources even for maybe 4 hours daily instead of eight hours